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What is Qigong?

Many people watching someone practise Qigong would say "That is Taichi". Actually Qigong goes far beyond the soft martial arts that Taichi represents. Qigong is the second wave of Chinese culture coming to the west, and is of profound significance to our understanding of the Universe.

"Qigong" means literally "Training with Qi Energy". Then what is Qi Energy? And of what importance to us is the understanding of this Life Force Energy as some call it?

The ancient Chinese described it as the force which all living things relied on for existence and growth. Through thousands of years of experience, and also I think through extra sensory perception, they further established how the Qi energy flows in the channels - the meridians - in the body. By 200 BC, they had already described in the The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing) eight out of twelve the regular channels we know of today. All the healing modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tui Na massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi energy healing) are based on the understanding of Qi energy flow in the body, and all are aimed at maintaining or inducing a strong, free flow of Qi energy in the body, for as the ancient Huang Di Nei Jing wrote "if there is a strong flow of Qi and it is not stagnated, how can one ever be sick".

Modern science in China is devoting considerable effort and resources to understanding Qi energy. It is said to be a movement of micro particles faster than light, to have magnetic properties and the properties of light. It can carry messages or signals of the human mind. Telepathy is an expression of Qi waves carrying thought which are received and deciphered by another person who is very sensitive in this respect. The foremost Chinese nuclear physicist Dr. Qian Xue Shen said recently "The study of Qi energy will lead us to the last frontiers of mankind’s understanding of the human body".

“The ancients have developed to a fine art the mastering of this life-giving force. This training is called Qigong, and consists of movements, special breathing and stillness meditation.” - Jack Lim
Incredible change in Skin, Hair & Body shape!

In Melbourne Australia, just 2 weeks after practise, Peggy discovered that two large skin cancers on the back of her hand had fallen off. She tells everybody and shows the slight mark where they were.

Slimmer bodies, paunches disappeared! This has happened to so many!. Posture changes with the body more upright! Skin changes are usually easily felt even after the first session. Everybody remarks how the skin on their hands has become so silky. Francis in Adelaide said his hairdresser told him his hair has become denser (he is not the only one), and he is now down to size 34 from size 36 in trousers. Brian Despard showed the class in early March ‘96 how the hair is growing again at the formerly bald patch in the front! Simon Blow in Sydney has reported new hair sprouting too!

Grand Master Jack Lim has taken this to America and classes have been held in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Texas. Skye Thorsmolle in Los Angeles found that she "could not believe the amount of energy after practising the first time, and in a week, the pain from the injury in the back had entirely disappeared."

Growing young, and throwing away sickness!

We all know how young people easily get over sicknesses because of the vibrancy of youth. Now this is happening to people who have regained this youthful vigour in every cell. Or how else can one explain what we see now in China and in Australia and USA where some are forgetting they ever had angina, high blood pressure and other heart problems. In Beijing, renowned heart surgeon Professor Gao himself practises this set. Dr. Ralph Ballard told Jack that his father, who is over 70, feels no pain anymore although he had angina for many years before.

Dr. Anne Watson told her patient to join the workshop because with just two weeks of practice, her post viral syndrome had disappeared. All participants in Australia and USA who had chronic fatigue syndrome have shown remarkable progress. Dr. Ralph Ballard in Melbourne has recommended a number of patients to do this course. Even people with allergies are responding, Dr. Ballard says.

Regeneration of the Yuan Qi (Original Qi) is the secret

The key to all this change is the regeneration of the Original Qi through finely tuned movements and breathing techniques which develop the micro-cosmic orbit of Qi energy. This set is the result of thousands of years of research and practice of Chinese sages who recorded their findings from the time of the Tang Dynasty (700 AD). And this is so easy to do too! Ancient documents have said one must meditate in special energy caves for over 30 years to regain this kind of Life Force Energy. Others are said to have found quicker different methods, but this was kept secret. Now the secret is out, but only to the lucky few who have heard about it. Good fortune comes upon those who are kind and virtuous say the Chinese!

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