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Want to learn Qigong? Too far away? Too busy? Receive instruction by email & phone.

The Great Stork Qigong is the ideal beginner’s course, where you learn the essence of Qigong movement and meditation, enjoying and benefiting from the very first day.

Learn anytime, anywhere with personal guidance!


Learn The Great Stork Qigong (video supplied) over a period of 4 months, also learn Qigong stillness meditation (Qi energy music CD’s supplied to help you).


Your teachers will send you lecture notes regularly on movements, background and meditation. You read the notes, follow the video, phone or email your questions. Your teachers will be Qigong Grand Master Valerie Manning and Qigong Grand Master Anthony Barker. The course is arranged by Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim and the lecture notes are written by Jack.

Cost of Material

A$100 (actual value A$170) (deducting cost of those you may have, or change to other CDs or DVDs). “The Great Stork Qigong” DVD and 5 CDs: Inner Peace, Sublime Happiness, Clearing Pain and Positive Wellbeing, Relax and Breath Easy.

Instruction Cost

A$200, US$180 (less than the cost of attending classes) (no extra cost for family)

Total Cost (Students in Australia) A$300 plus shipping A$15, total A$315

(Overseas Students) (in US$ or equivalent): US$90 + US$180, + Shipping US$20.25, total US$290.25


Any time.


Purchase through the online store, or by cash transfer or cheque.


Please contact Anthony Barker or Valerie Manning

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