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October 2016

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Cost of all expenses after arrival in China (all travel, accommodation, all meals, tickets to attractions, cost of lectures Qigong training etc, excluding airport taxes) A$3,500 (based US$/A$ present general exchange rate) A$ 650 single room fee

Flying China Eastern Airlines; Airfare approx. A$1200 (including tax) based on present airfare this time of year, (including visa fee, not including travel insurance) Travel Agent YBL Travel & Tours, Manager Jojo Zaho, China Portion through China Trusty Travel Company, Beijing. Director Zhang Jing. Total approx. A$4700

A$200 due no later 30 April 2016


BOOKING FORM (Please book now to ensure your place)

Please reserve ___ places on the 2016 Qigong Study Tour. I forward a deposit of $200 (non- refundable)

Your Name/s _______________________________________________________

I forward a NON-refundable deposit of $200 (per person). Cheques written to YBL Travel & Tours.

Cash Cheque Visa M/card B/card

Card no.▢▢▢▢ ▢▢▢▢ ▢▢▢▢ ▢▢▢▢

Expiry Date ____/____ Name on Card ___________________________

Signature ______________________________ Date _______________

Name (as on Passport) ____________________________ Email__________________________

Phone No. (H)_______________________ (B)_______________________

(M) _______________________ Fax_______________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________ Post Code ___________

Nationality (as per Passport) ______________________ Passport No______________________

Expiry date ______________ Issue date_____________ Place of issue ______________________

Visa No (later)_____________________ Visa category( later)__________________________

Next of Kin: Name________________________________________________________________

Next of Kin: Address______________________________________________________________


Next of Kin: Phone______________________________

Please send this completed form and your deposit cheque to:

Anthony Barker
2 Illalong Court,
Tootgarook VIC 3941

Phone: (03) 5985 6973

Email: antbarker71@yahoo.com.au

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