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Answers to Questions on Traditional Chinese Medicine


What is theory of Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine believes that the body is healthy and functioning well when the Qi (chi) vital energy in the internal organs and in the whole body is strong, balanced and flowing, and when the internal organs are working harmoniously with each other. The Chinese discovered a complex web of Qi channels in the body, and found that by using needles to stimulate certain crucial points along the channels they could re-balance the energy. Thus the body could recover from illness that the blockage or disharmony had caused. They also drew upon China’s richest store of herbs for healing.

How does herbal medicine work?

The are for balancing the different energies of the body to clear or tonify, and are categorised according to their various kinds of Qi energy (warm, cool, damp etc.) The herbal prescription is made up of. 10 or even 20 items and it is the synergy of the whole set that works to strengthen and restore the balance. The herbs are not used as supplements. The body is thus empowered to overcome the illness by itself and the symptoms just disappear. Chinese medicine is not aimed purely at the symptoms, but mainly at the cause. Once the body is back in balance, it is very powerful and can fight back and recover.

What happens when I see you?

By listening to the patients history and own description, by viewing the colour and shape of the tongue, the skin, and the eyes; by analysing various aspects of the pulse etc. etc. the doctor of Chinese medicine gains insight into patient’s condition as a whole, and will reach conclusions as the nature of the imbalance and disharmony within. Then the strategy for treatment is formulated.

"Stop Smoking"- how does it work?

Acupuncture restores the body’s natural longing for fresh air and enables the body to rebalance without stress when the cigarettes ( the walking stick) is thrown away. Average course is 6 sessions, with no need to stop immediately. The desire just goes away.

Do many patients come to you after trying other treatments?

I think different treatments complement each other, and have varying ways of dealing with problems.. Some patients come as soon as they have a certain problem because they have had experience with Chinese medicine, while most come after trying other treatment. I think is it is wise not to give up. While not all problems can be dealt with successfully, the outcome in most cases is satisfying.

What is the cost of treatment?

Consultation plus acupuncture treatment is $40. Herbs are separate. The average prescription per day is $8 per bag, (sometimes more expensive herbs have to be used). Usually the supply is for 2 or 3 days.

Many private health funds give some rebate for acupuncture if you have taken up the option. I am Choice Provider for Medibank Private, their rebate scale is in the clinic.

Besides acupuncture and herbs, what other treatment is used or available?

After acupuncture, cupping treatment may be used in the case of muscular pain. A warm vacuum is created under the cup to clear blockages. Deep infra-red ray is sometimes used also. No extra fee is charged.

Is Chinese Tui Na massage available?

My niece, Linda Hu , doctor of Chinese Medicine, is also a professional Tui Na therapist. Her special interest is in neck, spine and joint problems Linda is at the Surrey Hills clinic. Same phone numbers for appointments.

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Special interest in treatment of pain (back, shoulder, neck), headache, migraine, tennis elbow, sciatica, arthritis, asthma, menopause, fertility & related problems, sleeplessness, weight-loss, stop smoking, hay-fever, stress, insomnia etc.

Chinese medicine has developed unique ways of treating many ailments so do not give up if you have a persistent problem. Enquiries direct or by phone welcome.

Don’t hesitate to walk in to ask whether Chinese medicine may be of help to you. I will be happy to find time to speak to you, although you may have to wait a few minutes if I am with a patient.

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