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Cancer Care

Suggestions for Comprehensive Cancer Care (according to experience of winners)
by Jack Lim & Fiona Liang

The following information sources are for those based in Australia, but can be used as reference for those in other countries.

Firstly, and most importantly, do not panic. With appropriate care & treatment one may even live much longer! Listen to your doctor & specialist and also widen the scope of help.

Suggested Reading
  1. A Cancer Therapy by Max Gerson
    Results of fifty cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy ISBN 0-88268-105-2
    May be ordered through Theosophical Bookshop Russell Street Melbourne, (near Bourke St)
    This book explains that cancer is a degenerative disease, the result of the body being weakened by chemicals, stress, lack of necessary nutrient etc. The Gerson therapy consists of fruit and vegetable juices, and non-fat, non-salt vegetarian diet. While some strictly adhere to this diet, many follow in moderation.
  2. Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin ISBN 0-9638372-0-b
  3. Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer Edited BI Burton Goldberg
    This is a recent comprehensive introduction to the various alternative methods of dealing with cancer. Take care in choosing any therapy. At Dymocks bookstore. In USA phone 1-800-333-heal Future Medicine to order.

Many other books now out. Theosophical Bookshop a good source.

Suggested Videos
  1. Cancer - We Can Beat It! by Jack Lim
    Get the positive attitude & learn the Qi energy walk. This is the main means other than medicine now used in China. Easy to learn. In Melbourne go to the Qigong class to learn.
  2. "Inner Peace" Meditation video by Jack Lim
    For relaxation with Lotus flowers & waterfalls
Things to Do
  1. Vegetarian diet or mainly vegetarian diet: The Gerson Diet: (See July 98 issue "Wellbeing" magazine) consists of lots of carrot juice, apple juice and vegetable juices. Anyway, raw fruit and vegies (lettuce etc) is definitely the "in" thing. The Gerson diet is rather harsh, and some moderate it. You have to decide yourself. Eat Organic vegetables if possible and eat a lot of raw food but monitor your digestion. No salt, no fat or oils except olive oil eating tofu, beans, lentils etc. for protein. (You have to have a special gene to convert flax oil into the real beneficial oil.) Use dairy products sparingly, (one book suggests none at all, as only after the author stopped dairy foods did problems after breast cancer surgery stop.) Wholemeal grains a must. Fish rather than any other animal protein. A good mixer is the “Vitamix” mixer, available from Qld (07) 5534 5744 for free leaflet.
  2. Use filtered water to take out the chlorine and other pollutants. Have it on tap.
  3. Coffee enema (with organic coffee) at least once a day (ask Fiona or see Goldberg book). Not as difficult as one might think and really cleanses toxins out besides other benefits.
  4. Chinese herbs having your personal prescription, balancing the energies. Gets your body in optimum condition to deal with the problem. See Fiona Liang (Registered China Traditional Medicine Doctor) she has helped many people. If not in Victoria find a good Chinese herbalist there. Important. In China acupuncture is NOT used for cancer.
  5. Qigong: Very Important. Doing the Guolin Qigong Walk It is taught in the "Cancer-We Can Beat It" video by Jack Lim, or join a Qigong class. Do as much as possible. Best results in China are with 3 hours per day, meditation extra. Ask Fiona or use video. Doing general movement exercises, any exercises, or pure stillness meditation is not enough.
  6. Music Therapy: "Powerful Healing", "Inner Peace", " River of Love", "Positive Thinking & Confidence". These are titles of Qi Energy music by Jack Lim.
  7. Use Health Encyclopaedia CD from InteleHealth: Phone Phillip (03) 9417 2567. Learn about what foods to eat and gain benefit from which antioxidants & nutrients -phytochemicals etc there are. Must Get!
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