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October 4 - October 17 2016

The Great Wall - BEIJING
Day 1 Depart Melbourne Airport in October 4th 22 30 – 605 Shanghai /Depart Shanghai 900 Arrive in Kunming October 5th 12-15pm. Met at airport and transferred to 4 star Hotel beside Green Jade Park.
Day 2 Training starts with a lecture in the morning given by Grand Master Zhang on the Yun Gong system. Train with him for the rest of the day in the park nearby, mainly to practice Jiu Lian Huan for the power of Qi foundation; learning a different way of breathing using the back. This is very powerful. Learning also some basic animal form Qigong during the training.
Day 3 Training with Grand Master Zhang all day.
Day 4 Training with Grand Master Zhang, followed by a cultural evening to be arranged; with a local ethnic group’s show of song and dance; guaranteed to be very colourful.
Day 5 Training today in a special area; West Hill - a Taoist mountain in suburb of Kunming with a famous Taoist monastery. We will also have the chance to talk to a Taoist master in the temple. Feel and absorb the powerful Qi left by the Taoist Monks who sculptured magnificent works out of the cliff and the Qi embedded there by the Taoist monks over the centuries. There will be some training inside the temple. We use a bus today for the journey both ways.
Day 6 A sightseeing day; visit an ethnic group village of the Miao minority. Close encounter with the locals here, having lunch with a local family. See their life style, houses, culture and food; also visit their market. Find something colourful and special in the stalls to take home as a souvenir!
Enjoyable 2 hour trip each way- a great opportunity to view the beautiful scenery of this city which is one of the most favourite destinations of Chinese tourists.
Day 7 Training with Grand Master Zhang all day.
Day 8 Training all day with Grand Master Zhang.
Day 9 Final day training with certificates issued at the end in afternoon. Say goodbye to Grand Master Zhang.
Day 10 Morning flight to Shanghai the “Pearl of the Orient”. Some sightseeing in afternoon at the famous Bund along the Whampoa River, plus a visit to a local silk factory.
Day 11 All day visit to Shanghai Qigong Research Institute. Meet and talk to Master Sun in morning. Master Sun has his own special style of Qigong practice and training based on the experience of many masters who worked in Shanghai Qigong Institute in the past. He has so much to share with the group. Afternoon will be training with him in a local park followed by a Shanghai Acrobatic Show in evening.
Day 12 More sightseeing during the day. Depart Shanghai 2020pm
Day 13 Arrive Melbourne October 17th 1000am


This tour departs from Melbourne so we can all travel in a group. If you prefer to fly direct to Beijing from your capital city (not Melb) please discuss with Anthony Barker ASAP

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