Jack Lim's Relaxation Music

About Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim

Jack Lim was born in Australia and educated both in Australia and China. He spent 25 years in China studying Chinese culture. Jack Lim is a member of the Standing Committee of the International Qigong Research Association based in China. He is also a founding member of the Standing Council of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand and USA and his Qi Energy Music is available in many countries of the world.

Jack is a Qigong Grand Master, teaching internationally the art of strengthening the Qi Life Force Energy. He also projects Qi Energy to help others regain balance in body, mind & spirit. He is gifted with the power to project Qi energy and empowering positive thought into his music, which connect with the inner consciousness when listening.

Qi Energy Music™ is Jack Lim’s unique creation. This is wonderful self help music composed and played by this leading international Qi Energy healer and teacher. The harmonious vibrations in his music and his positive thought for healing, inner peace harmony and change have been empowering thousands.

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