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This article was first printed on page 34 of ‘Conscious Living’ magazine in the Sep/Oct 1993 issue.

Qi energy healing is recognized as being a powerful force for treating emotional and physical disorders. Through the efforts of Qigong Grandmaster Jack Lim, the healing is now accessible to all via cassette.

In many major hospitals in China, Qi energy healing is formally recognized. However, over there it is rarely used for emotional imbalance, instead dealing mainly with physical ailments.

Qigong healing was formally initiated in Australia with the establishment of the Jack Lim Qigong Healing and Research Centre in 1988. During the period since its inception, hundreds of people have been treated and many Qigong healers have graduated from the Jack Lim Qigong Academy.

Traditional methods were mainly directing the Qi from the healer’s hands and fingers to the affected part of the body. Added to this are the thought processes (such as clearing where purging is necessary, and tonifying and bringing in the Qi through the Yong Quan points where this is necessary).

Says Lim, “Qigong healing is helping others through an intimate connection with forces of the universe.”

Straight to the heart

Less than two years ago, Jack Lim could be seen in his Qigong Healing Clinic projecting Qi energy to patients to clear the liver in cases of anger, and to strengthen Qi energy to the kidneys in case of fear and depression. He would also use the power of his ESP to pring in the energy from the sea, and project warmth and smiles into people’s hearts using the power of Qi.

Lim discovered that in the case of some patients who were very depressed, the attacks were worst at night and when they were alone. One of his patients – a young woman suffering from severe depression – asked him, “How can you help me when I am not at the clinic, when I’m at home by myself?” This bothered Lim, so he made up some music especially for her in the hope that his healing would go through the music.

Here was a new way to help people – hundreds and thousands! The approach would be especially good for people unable to have Qigong healing because they lived in remote areas.

Lim went off in search of the musical instrument that would be allow him to communicate his message. Within three months he had produced ‘Inner Peace’ (which is now available on CD in major music stores), ‘Positive Thinking and Confidence’, ‘Clearing Anger’, ‘Healthy Lungs’, ‘Healthy Heart’, ‘Rejuvenating’, ‘Clearing Pain’ and his latest piece, ‘Positive Healing’. The tapes were well received at the Healthy Life Expo in Melbourne.

“People walked past and stopped in their tracks,” says Lim. “Just by listening to the music for two seconds, they sensed there was something in there that went deep into their consciousness.”

A different kind of subliminal

Many people ask if these tapes are subliminal. Lim’s understanding is that they are not subliminal in the ordinary sense because they do not work on logic or language; there is no quiet or distorted voice saying things like “you’ve got to be strong” or similar. However, when he projects a thought, for instance a smile in the heart, the message goes deep into the inner consciousness, effecting irresistible positive change. When people say that the recording of ‘Inner Peace’ goes straight to their heart, they mean not just the music (which in fact came to Lim at five o’clock on a Sunday morning), but the warmth that brings peace to the heart.

“The result is that the person is not just encouraged to think positively, but is uplifted and feels the confidence well up with energy rising from the soles of the feet to the kidneys.”

Why the kidneys? Well, in Chinese traditional medicine the lack of Qi energy in the kidneys is believed to be the cause of weakened confidence.

Subsonic waves

It is not just the music, that’s for certain. In April last year, while at the 3rd International Qigong Science Association Conference in Kyoto, Japan, Lim was surprised to hear Qigong Professor Xia Shuang Quan of the Wuhan Sports Institute report that he had firm proof that Qi energy waves could be recorded on magnetic tape as subsonic waves and could thus also benefit the human body. This was just the scientific research material Lim had been hoping to find.

Lim still hasn’t found an apt description of the Qi energy healing tapes.

“Deep Qi Energy Subliminal Tapes?” he suggests. “Sooner or later someone will find a good way to define them.”

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