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May the Knowledge of Qi Energy Spread Throughout the World - by Jack Lim


Twenty years ago hardly anybody in Australia had heard of Qigong or Qi energy whereas today many throughout the world and in Australia are actually practicing Qigong and using the knowledge of Qi energy in healing and self healing.

The ancients in China came to the conclusion thousands of years ago that Qi (Life Force Vital Energy) is the essence of all things on earth, and that the whole universe is but movement or mutation of Qi, and so was it too with the human body. The body’s basic Qi is the Yuan Qi or Primary Qi There were other kinds of Qi: the Zangfu-organ Qi of the heart, lungs, liver etc, the Meridian Qi, the Ying-nutrient Qi, the Wei-defensive Qi, and the Zong-ancestral Qi. The strength or intensity of the Qi (especially the Primal Qi) the upflow, downflow, outflow and inflow of Qi determined the health of the body or even its life and death.

The entire system of Traditional Chinese Medicine is founded on the concept of Qi. Chinese herbal medicine considers whether a given herb is Yin or Yang in its energy; whether it is a tonic for deficiencies in Qi or whether it clears and creates an outflow, and what organ it effects etc. In acupuncture and tuina massage, the points selected and methods used are all based what effect it would have on the Qi energy flow and hence how it would benefit the body. The health problem is looked at in the context of the whole body, and so too the measures to achieve its healing. Emphasis is on the body regaining the free flow of Qi and regaining balance, and as a consequence all the organs and the whole body will function normally and diseases will be overcome.

Experience Qi energy through the practice of Qigong

Qigong is an integral part of Chinese Traditional Medicine. The two characters in "Qigong" literally mean "Qi training" or
"Working with Qi." The gentle movements, easy postures and simple meditation techniques bring about a balanced energy flow, the end result is optimum health of the body and mind. Qigong is not derived from martial arts such as Taichi which uses the slow movements mirroring combat to become health exercises. (When Taichi is practiced for health, it stresses Qi flow and harmony in movement, although the imaginary opponent is still the basis of all movements.) Qigong is purely to nurture the energy flow with no opponent in mind, stressing harmony within and harmony with the universe. There is movement Qigong and stillness Qigong, and one should do both. Qigong is not a religion and people of any religion may practice Qigong.

The Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and most other similar colleges and universities have a Faculty of Qigong. What better way for the students to learn about the Qi energy flow in the body than physically experiencing this themselves through the practice of Qigong. Through study in these halls of learning, some of the students become Qigong teachers and Qigong healers. Here research is also carried out on ancient documents, and modern hi-tech equipment is used in the quest to unravel the mystery of Qi. Conclusions from such research is benefiting other disciplines. China’s famous nuclear physicist Professor Qian Xueshen once wrote: "Research into Qi energy will lead us to the last frontiers of man’s understanding of the human body."

Qigong is Easy to Learn

You will find learning Qigong just plain sailing. After all we really are all naturals! We are only allowing the body and mind only be itself, we are just taking off the brakes and roadblocks. Its is just a process of freeing oneself. The following guidelines should prove useful:

1. "Be as one with the Universe" ("Tian Ren He Yi")

Watching one practicing Qigong, it may look like a lone solitary soul doing movements deep in thought entirely by oneself. However, the person would have become a part of the world around, of the planet earth below and of the starry sky above, and of the mountains and rivers far, far away. As one develops in Qigong we may feel we are a universe ourselves within the greater universe. We may sense within us the micro-cosmic orbit, and the greater-cosmic orbit, the endless flow which mirrors the great circular flow of the galaxies and of the Universe. We blend our Qi with that of the rivers and oceans and the forests and mountains, and also draw upon their Qi to strengthen ourselves. As we progress to practicing serious self healing and to projecting the healing Qi to others, the concept of "being as one with the universe" becomes evidently crucial..

This is how we connect and be as one with the universe when we start practicing the Great Stork Qigong:

We stand two feet shoulder apart, knees slightly bent, shoulders relaxed. The upper part of the body is light and floating but the lower part is solid as a rock and the feet are firmly planted on the ground. We stand in front of an ancient pine tree (a real one, or an imaginary one) and our feet are just like the roots of the tree going deep into the ground. Our body is like the pine tree rising high into the sky. We are not just like the pine tree, we feel as if we have become the pine tree. Then our hands slowly rise reaching up upward towards the sky, and when the hands are coming down, we are showered with the radiance of the Universe...

Learning Qigong you come to know where the Qi has been nurtured and is strong and naturally find a way to go to these places. One of these places would be the ancient Taoist mountain at Qingcheng Shan, Sichuan China where for thousands of years the Qi has been nurtured to be sent to the four corners of the earth for the benefit of others. Here one could sit down beside the Cleansing Heart Pool and let the crystal clear stream flow through heart and liver. Such is an experience of a lifetime, and having learnt Qigong, you would be able recall this healing in such a way as to take yourself there again and you may feel it happening again. There are many such places to visit in China, and many strong Qi energy places in Australia and the world await our discovery.

2. Remember "If one is sincere, one will be endowed with the power of the Qi" ("Cheng Ze Ling")

One enters the realm of Qigong with the heart, with humbleness and compassion. Qigong is really not mastered by meticulously remembering the techniques and practicing the forms, or seeking out the methods which promise the most powerful flow of Qi. By being dedicated and content at letting things happen rather than seeking a thrilling experience, the power of the Qi will be revealed.

3. Don’t try too hard

We may be excused for being in a great haste to achieve, after all that is how we have been trained all our lives. In Qigong however, we must be prepared to be not worried about how long it will take, for natural progress is actually the fastest way. Haste may close the door on one. Of course one has to make an effort. The best way to think is: "As if one is trying and as if one is not trying." For instance in stillness Qigong, as one sits with back upright and shoulders relaxed, you think of the concepts "Relaxed and Quiet." Let the word "relaxed" come to mind, but don’t try too hard and set about physically relaxing the muscles; rather let the concept itself take over you. . The same with entering the quietude, just float into a world of stillness and silence without trying.

4. Select one form of Qigong that is best suited to your situation

It is said that there are 80,000 different kinds of Qigong in China. So many methods have been developed in hundreds of far away mountains and valleys, all bringing a particular benefit. Choose one that is both easy and enjoyable and suits your both physically and mentally. I always teach beginners the Great Stork Qigong because it includes the basic attitudes and stances all in one set. For instance, the standing stance before any movement is necessary for all forms: For people who need to deal with cancer, either from a preventive point of view or overcoming it, the unique walking form called Guolin Qigong is ideal. The President of the world Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Professor Feng Lida, a prominent immunologist, recommends this set on the basis of the successful experience of thousands of cancer patients in China. Also, any form which pays special attention to the liver would be recommended at some stage, for the health and balance of the liver has a direct effect on the whole body in that only when the Qi in the liver is free flowing and smooth will the Qi in the whole body be balanced and free flowing. It is not wise to learn many kinds at once as the Qi flow can become erratic.

5. Seek to meet the Qigong Masters of China

One reads in the ancient scripts about the Master passing on new learning without teaching, without speaking, with the power of the Qi being passed on through the Qi. I believe this really happens. Many years ago I met Grand Master Yan Xin who had many special healing powers, using his voice, written words, or just a thought to effect healing, and I was invited to accompany him on his healing rounds. After a number of meetings with him and other Masters, I discovered later that gradually I would be sending out Qi not only through the hands as before, but also through the voice, through the eyes, through a thought, and that distance was no obstacle. To have the opportunity of further opening up to the Qi, sometime in your Qi journey may you should go to China to visit them.

Becoming a Qi Energy Healer

We are just like the other stars in the Universe. As our channels are more open and the Qi flows freely, and as we become more and more as one with the Universe, we become a star that has become brighter and we radiate more healing to those around us. Our positive thoughts become powered with Qi and may have a long lasting effect on others.

When one knows and sincerely believes in the power of the Qi, the ability to do Qi healing comes naturally without effort. Some people are born with this ability without understanding it; almost everybody can acquire this ability. Following is one of the basic routines to follow to strengthen the Qi:

Stand with knees slightly bent, shoulders relaxed, facing a pine tree (or a huge gum tree) palms of the hands facing the tree, standing about 3 metres away from the trunk. There are rings of strong Qi around the tree, so sense and select where the Qi is strongest to stand. Connect with the sky and mother earth and silently seek permission to share the Qi of the tree. Stand thus 20 minutes and close with hands one over the other below the navel (men left hand first, ladies right hand first).

If you are so lucky as to visit the Taoist Qingcheng Shan Centre, stand before the 2000 year old Gingko tree where you will be so overwhelmed that tears may flow. If you take a photo, the photo will connect you with the real tree afar and you may practice using the photo.

When you have had such wonderful experiences similar to these you are ready to help others, that is doing the basic movement of the hands, bringing in Qi through the soles of the feet and cleansing with a downward stroke using the other hand, moving what was taken out to the bottom of the sea. From then onwards one needs to study the basics of the whole system of Chinese Traditional Medicine, especially the knowledge of Qi meridians and collateral's. Before doing anything more than this in healing, one should be guided by a Master, as there are many things to avoid and many more things to learn.

The creation of Qi energy music

While I was involved in Qi energy healing, I began using recordings of my voice so that the patient could "take the healing home." It dawned on me that the Qi waves, the healing message, could be recorded. This was what I had been searching for, for recording would make it possible for many more people to benefit from Qi energy healing. But a tape with just voice, or just Qi energy thought with no voice or sound would be difficult to accept by anyone's imagination so I tried using music to carry the message first using the piano. I was encouraged as people could feel this quite easily. I am not a composer and I wondered where the music would come from. Then the first piece of music came: "Inner Peace" came to me 5 o’clock on a Sunday morning. I could hear it in my head and I had to get up to record it. Other recordings followed. While playing the music, my mind would go to different parts of the Universe, visualizing different parts of the body being healed, bringing golden rays of light etc. Three years later, at the 3rd International Qigong Science Conference in Kyoto in 1993, I heard a report by professor Xia Shuangquan that he had evidence of Qi energy waves being recorded as sub-sonic waves. I think I was the person most interested in this observation.

When one enters the door of Qigong, before one is a bright beautiful road, endless in possibilities and enjoyment. I am forever experiencing this.

Jack Lim- Qigong Grand Master

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