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I highly recommend the documentary The Healing Field by filmmaker Penny Price

View a sample of the Inner Peace Relaxation Imagery DVD online

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View the entire Cancer You Can Beat It! video online for free

Download the book The Spiritual Significance of Music - Book 2 for free. Jack's contribution to this book appears of page 105.

Qi Energy Music™ is Jack Lim's unique creation. This is beautiful self help music composed and played by this leading international Qi Energy healer and teacher. The harmonious vibrations in his music and his positive thought for healing, inner peace and harmony and change have empowered thousands.

“May you Enjoy the Music, Feel the Qi in the Music, and through Qigong gain Inner Peace, Happiness, Health and Longevity.” - Jack Lim

Qigong is the ancient Art of Longevity, developed over 7,000 years ago in China. Qi (chi) is the life force or energy of the body which travels the network of meridians within the body and joins with the energy of the universe. Qigong is the second and deeper wave of Chinese culture to the west after Taichi.

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Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim was prompted to put his healing energy through music to help others when a patient asked for something to help her at night when she suffered most from fear. From then onwards, Jack started composing special music, each with a specific healing for the heart, mind and body. Jack plays all the music himself on a keyboard so the energy is clear and pure. Listeners have been able to sense the energy of great peace and harmony and love.

  • Inner Peace DVD Sampler: A sample of the Inner Peace Imagery DVD is now available to view online by clicking here.
  • The Great Stork Qigong DVD: Part 1 of The Great Stork Qigong Instructional DVD is now available to view online by clicking here.
  • Stop Smoking: The entire Stop Smoking soundtrack is now available for free download in MP3 format by clicking here.


What People Are Saying About Jack's Music:

"I am familiar wit the CD Inner Peace and I really love and appreciate it... I never tire of it." - Maris de Lacy

"This is the best music I have ever listened to. My granddaughter goes to sleep with it every day and it has helped many people dealing with trauma in their lives." - Rosian

"Inner Peace had a very deep, slow mood that slowed my breathing and anxiety down more than any of the other tapes I have used.. Thank you for sharing your music and love." - Pamella Lambert

"Your Sweet Sleep tape worked like a charm. It has been giving me the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in years." - Mark Robinson

"Your music is wonderful and I would love others have the opportunity to experience it." - Lyn Wedd

"The music is wonderful for peace and relaxation. All my clients are delighted with the music and often comment about it. I’m going to purchase more of Jack Lim’s tapes." - Evelyn May

"Your music is truly magical and much loved by all my students. Thank you." - Barbara Michalopoulos

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