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Jack Lim China Qigong Study Itinerary

June 10-29 2006

Tour members Inside the Potala Palace 1993
Day 1 Depart Melbourne in the morning. Arrive Beijing in the evening.
Day 2 Visit the Imperial Palace - called the Forbidden City, for only those in the court would be permitted to enter. Special concert in the evening.
Day 3 Bus to the Great Wall with plenty of time to walk along the Great Wall and take photos. From there, we go to visit the Ming Tombs and see the Underground Palace only discovered 50 years ago.
Day 4 Visit the Llama Temple in Beijing, See the marvellous statue of the Buddha embedded with precious stones. It rises to a height of over 5 storeys high and is all carved out of the trunk of one camphorwood tree. Here the Qi is to be absorbed and stored. What you feel is indescribable! Qigong class with Professor Xu at the Chinese Medicine Hospital.
Day 5 The White Cloud Taoist Temple is a must, for here you may absorb the Qi. Visit Chinese Medicine Hospital again for Qigong class again. Evening express train will take you overnight to Xian.
Day 6 Arrive Xian. Visiting a great wonder of the world, the entombed terra cotta warriors.
Day 7 View this ancient city of the Tang Dynasty Evening train to Chengdu.
Day 8 Arrive at Chengdu and take bus to the Taoist temple, Qingcheng shan. (Chingcheng Shan) where the ancients for thousands of years sent out healing energy to the world.
Day 9 Wow! Another day here. Connect with the powerful Qi! Spend the evening at the most tranquil resort. Evening back to Chengdu.
Day 10 Flying to Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. You will never forget the 6 days here- days 10,11,12, 13, 14, 15 in Lhasa (as described above).
Day 16 Fly Chengdu.. Tour the city.
Day 17 Morning flight to Shanghai, the “Pearl of Asia”. Now such a great modern city, yet there is also the ancient Temple Market
Day 18 Shopping, sightseeing then boarding plane for home in the evening
Day 19 Arrive in Melbourne in the morning.

* There may be slight changes in the itinerary.

There will be three meetings of the participants before departure, to discuss, to plan, to prepare. Our trusted guide Jing, will be with the tour all through. He has taken us on over a dozen Qigong Tours, and has taken us on a tour to Tibet before also. If you have not done Qigong before, it would be good to start at some classes, or use the video before you leave. Please be sure you are in good physical condition as this high altitude. Please contact Jack if you have any questions.

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